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If you book your hotel in Cayo Coco with Travelnetcuba you will get best rates and personalized customer care. Cayo Coco is an island in the central part of Cuba, known for its 5 and 4 stars holiday villages. It is located in the municipality of Morón, province of Ciego de Ávila, and is part of the archipelago called Jardines del Rey. Its name is due to the white ibis bird, called Coco , pupulating the area.The cay is connected to the mainland by a 27 km long road built over the lagoon . Colonies of flamingos have nested in shallow waters near the road. Cayo Coco is connected by land language to Cayo Guillermo. While largely retaining their wild appearance, the islands are home to about a dozen hotels near the beach and the coral reef to the north.The island has an airport, Jardines del Rey airport (Aeropuerto Jardines del Rey).
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Cayo Coco- Ciego de Avila

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